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Jesus walks this road with us, whether we notice him at first or not. There is only one person who truly knows what will happen in the future: the God who turns everything to his purpose; and God’s purpose promises new life, second chances, forgiveness, and grace for all – even when we are not paying attention.
— Now and Not Yet: Sermons of Hope and Grace

Now and Not Yet

Christians live in two worlds at the same time - the present life and the life to come. God intends an abundant life in the “now,” and at the same time, promises a future filled with hope. Now and Not Yet gathers together twenty-five sermons of love, grace, and faith. Whether read devotionally, or for inspiration, each sermon offers insights into our relationship with God, one another, and the world around us. Patricia Healy Locke captures the ups-and-downs of a faithful life with compassion, reassurance, and a dash of good humor.

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